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Reverend P.J. McLaughlin

16 April 2023


Dear Friends of God,


The Book of Sirach in the Hebrew Scripture says “For everything there is a season, and time for every purpose under the heavens.”

          It’s getting time now, when I will be retiring – 11 July 2023.  These past forty nine years seem to have flown by for me since ordination in 1974.  All those years have been a blessing to me in parish ministry , with six years of Campus Ministry at Mount Saint Mary’s University. So often people speak of their life’s work, yet I’ve never considered any of my days and years as work… only blessings, the blessing of years for which I am a most grateful priest and person.  I can honestly say with the Father in heaven, Christ in my heart, and Spirit always amazing me with life each day. I have found my life as a priest to be a great blessing for all of the years.  I am only grateful for God’s gift “our daily bread” and forgiveness of failings as we made our way to age seventy-five…and we’re still counting on the blessings of the years to come.  You might say “I’m one old goat on his way to pasture.” It’s time for a new season and new time.

          I hope to help out in parishes, and I want to become more involved with “the friends of Bill” in the A.A. way of life, and I want to help out at Saint Francis of Assisi Kitchen serving meals.  I can do more that just sit on the bench at Villa Saint Joseph.  Pope Francis often speaks of “Christ in the shadows and unexpected places.” I want to continue to meet him there.

          We’re going to have “An Amen Celebration” for my retirement on Sunday afternoon 25 June in the parish hall from 1-4 pm. Invitations will be mailed out in May. Informality will be the approach, with no speeches, only conversation. 

I look forward to gathering with you for “The Amen Celebration.”                                                                                                          

God Bless!

The Old Goat

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